Why Choose Us?

Our Company vs. Unreliable Company

Us. Fully licensed and insured trade (electrical & plumbing) contractor in addition to being a Class A Builder. All licenses, worker's comp, and insurance documentation provided by request.

Others. Class A contractors with no trade (electrical & plumbing) licenses will use random unlicensed and uninsured subcontractors to keep prices low, leading to more cost in the long run due to costly repairs.

Us. We train and build our staff from the very beginning, no matter how experienced they are.

Others. The use of unskilled and unreliable workers will keep prices low for your gain today, but the lack of quality will forever show long term.

Us. Our prompt responsiveness and customer service is some of the best in the area, winning numerous awards. Everything is done in a timely fashion, from start to finish with constant contact throughout.

Others. Delivering late estimates to clients from the start, continuous job start delays, and unmet promises to start the job end up costing you money. If the initial cost estimate is overly delayed, expect the job to be no different, along with a lack of response.

Us. Highly-rated company operated personally by a local graduate of George Washington University with a background you can trust. No silent owners or investors involved.

Others. Companies with our superior large-company credentials are run by a large amount of people, with owners usually not being involved in day-to-day operations. This means getting the runaround with no resolution when issues arise.

Us. We won't settle for anything less than a 5-star experience for our clients. Our workload is kept at a realistic level to keep our crews happy and stress free, even if it means we won't be profitable in the short term. Long term results are what matter to us.

Others. The competition will pile on work with either low prices, false promises, or via their name brand, and then overwork their crews. This leads to a lot of rework, delays, and high turnover. You don't want your home as a continuous training ground, which is guaranteed to get costly.

Award-WinningServices Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction have earned us several prestigious industry awards.